Exploring the interplay of polar opposites, Sakr’s music is a vessel for introspection, inviting listeners to traverse the intricate landscapes of their inner worlds with songs that reflect our own complexities and contradictions. Rooted in the essence of brutalist yet ambient soundscapes, his production thrives on the tension between beauty and chaos, resonating deeply with the contrasts of human experience.

A catalyst for self-discovery, Sakr offers a soundtrack for reflection, evoking thoughts and emotions not easily expressed through words alone. His personal experience with tactile defensiveness, a visceral reaction to touch, holds distinct parallels in his creativity, sparking tapestries of electronic textures spun from vivid sensory responses.

Raised in the suburbs of Sydney, Sakr viewed the world through an alienated lens, shaped by his belonging to immigrant parents. As an introvert, Sakr found solace in the inner realms of his mind, sparking a journey of self-discovery through solitude and observation. Drumming in bands from the age of 12, he later gravitated towards production, seeking deeper communication through sound. A recent move to London brought fresh inspiration in the form of rich creative surroundings and a resonance with the city’s patchwork architecture.

With a prolific production career in tow, Sakr’s impact is felt not only through his own work but also through his contributions to releases for renowned artists including The Veronicas, Jess Mauboy, Guy Sebastian, Alt-J, and G Flip, as well as collaborations with acclaimed songwriters such as Sarah Aarons (Zedd, Dua Lipa), Carly Rae Jepsen, Alex Hope (Troye Sivan), and Justin Tranter (Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber).

The upcoming release of Sakr’s debut EP, Structures, represents his first foray into exploring his Middle Eastern heritage, the cultural fabric of which is woven intricately into his productions. As Sakr continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, he redefines what it means to craft sonic experiences that touch the soul and challenge the conventions of sound.

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