Lucian Rice

Introducing Lucian Rice, the Aotearoa/New Zealand born and based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer. Following the release of his debut single ‘Spineback’, Lucian continues to showcase his ability to blend nu-gaze, dream pop, and alternative rock into a mesmerising sonic experience with new single ‘Can’t You See’, out today.

With a sound that combines the best of contemporary indie rock with the timeless catchiness of pop music, Lucian invites listeners into a dreamlike journey through his sonic landscape. Speaking on the meaning behind the song, he explains, “I had just started seeing someone new after a lengthy relationship. The idea of something casual felt super empty and I wanted this person to give me something more than just the night. Naively, I wanted them to be as big in my life as the other person was – I didn’t know any other way.

Having spent time split between New Zealand, New York and Los Angeles, Lucian has collaborated with a diverse range of artists, further expanding his creative horizons. Working alongside talents such as Nick Ward, carwash, and Molly Payton, Lucian demonstrates his versatility and prowess as an artist, producer, and songwriter. Emerging onto the music scene with a fresh perspective, Lucian is just getting started.

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