Emerging popstar Go-Jo has spent the start of 2023 rapidly building his online and offline audience with his captivating music and personality. With an undeniable charm and a drive only matched by his ability to play guitar and ride a unicycle (often at the same time), people can’t help but gravitate toward him. His latest release “Mrs Hollywood” has become a global viral sensation with social teases highlighting the track being shared around the world at an incredible speed. The results have included over 80 million views across all platforms, huge pre-save numbers, and an explosion of followers across all social platforms but most notably +500,000 and +200,000 new followers on TikTok and Instagram during the first week of release.

Growing up off the grid on a self-sustained property in remote Western Australia, Go-Jo’s unique upbringing gave him and an chance to his unique sound and character. After getting his first guitar at 13, Go-Jo began producing and writing songs for others before finding his own voice and launching his solo project. As a songwriter, producer, and entertainer, he has championed an outside-of-the-box approach to delivering his music to new audiences and is constantly looking for new ways to pair his catchy music with his captivating personality and personal style.

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