Djo is the musical project of actor / producer / songwriter Joe Keery. 

DECIDE is Djo’s follow up to TWENTY TWENTY, Keery’s 2019 critically acclaimed guitar-forward record and his first solo-effort since departing his band, the Chicago psych rock outfit Post Animal. Keery –who is of course also known far and wide for his acclaimed acting roles in such blockbuster projects as Stranger Things – has been making music since his teens, spending over two years with Post Animal before making his solo debut as Djo. DECIDE was created with musician / engineer Adam Thein throughout the pandemic with final recording taking place at Sound Factory in Los Angeles. DECIDE serves as a sort of aural history of Keery’s late 20’s. It features reflections on growth, relationships and  navigating it all in a world filled with technology at its centre. It’s his sonic ambitions however that take these introspections and melt them into a warped reality with each layered synth pulling the listener’s emotional strings.

From the release of TWENTY TWENTY and subsequent singles, Djo’s music has had an enormous amount of success. Djo has racked up nearly 95.2 million hits on TikTok, has nearly 155 million global Spotify and Apple streams and over 210,000 Shazams. Change and Gloom also entered theSpotify Viral 50 charts in the USA, New Zealand, Ireland and Australia. 

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