BIRDEE 王煒 was born and raised in the sleepy town of Parkes, New South Wales – she would have been more likely to see the town choir play in the local park than her own kind of idols. Naturally, it was the radio that raised her, on cool collections of contemporary and classic radio pop. Back in her school days, BIRDEE 王煒 called herself ‘an extroverted dancer who wrote songs all the time’. She would play piano to provide a canvas for her voice, penning lyrical ideas in the process. She made her first formal step into the world of music in a duo band with her sister; stripped back acoustic covers were their forte, and they were roped in to play at hospitality venues and private functions around her hometown.

BIRDEE 王煒’s passion for songwriting and dance eventually led her onto the solo circuit, performing as a support act to more established artists in Sydney. BIRDEE 王煒 wound up being one of the few who quickly gained a following because a) her stage presence was both refined and electric, and b) she embraced her Eurasian culture combining both her English and Chinese names to create her artist name ‘BIRDEE 王煒’ and in doing so provided a relatability to other young third culture pop music lovers. The mood of the moment – as social media  became dominated by visual platforms like Instagram and TikTok – connecting her into the  world that would eventually see her music be internationally recognised, and playlisted  across Southeast Asia (Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea,  Taiwan and Hong Kong) as well as her native Australia.

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