Jack River

Jack River (real name Holly Rankin) is an ARIA award-nominated musician and artist, festival organiser, writer, creator of art and a crusader for change. She has a thoughtful and hungry mind and when she isn’t creating for her art’s sake, she’s on the frontlines of  inspiring and creating a revolution.

Upon the relaunch of Rolling Stone Australia earlier this year, Jack River picked the brain of Midnight Oil’s frontman, environmentalist, activist and politician Peter Garrett in an interview printed in Rolling Stone’s current issue (May-July). The conversation sparked an intensely burning desire within Jack River to continue to ensure important viewpoints associated with environmental, social, cultural and political issues are being discussed and brought to the forefront in an effort to bring about vital change in today’s society.

With passion running hot through her veins, and when given a forced break from touring due to COVID-19 hitting our shores, Jack River went into planning mode, contacting important voices within the music industry whose viewpoints she strongly believes need to be heard, understood and respected. Following countless hours of research, Zoom dates and audio edits, To Rebel In The Times – an independent podcast by Jack River talking change, music and the times, was born!

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