ioakim is the first artist to release music via Arcadia Records, Sony Music Entertainment Australia’s joint venture with Christian Lo Russo, the executive director and founder of The Artist Studio. Arcadia Records is the home of a range of emerging and exciting Australian artists that Lo Russo and Sony Music will release together.

ioakim’s music and artistic vision is dream-like, nostalgic and care-free. The need to communicate is the reason he creates music, drawing on life experiences, aspirations and self growth. Everything in ioakim’s world feels like it was captured yesterday and now lives within your subconscious. His music is a little grainy, blurry around the edges and some of the finest indie dream pop about to burst onto the scene. It’s quite remarkable that it comes from his bedroom, a concept ioakim finds fascinating – going into a room with nothing and then in one night coming out with a gem like ‘tongue tied’.

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