Total ray of sunshine and 4-piece indie girl band, Dulcie today reveal their brand new single and video ‘Dust’ listen here. ‘Dust’ is an enjoyable 3 minutes to switch off from the world and enter Dulcie’s universe. A place where everything is happy and carefree, something we could all use a little of right now. 

Duclie are Ashleigh Carr-White, Timieka Denton, Saskia Brittain and Madison Hanley, and are fast-becoming one of the most exciting acts to come, not only out of Perth, but in the whole country. With music made up of mesmerising harmonies, smooth melodic layers, beautiful arrangements and driving rhythms it’s easy to fall in love with Dulcie. Accompanied with their vibrant personality, you’ll find yourself a new BFF with Dulcie. 

The girls refuse to accept that there can only be one lead singer. In keeping with their ‘all in this together’ mentality, they uniquely interchange between three vocalists, which makes their sound even more fun and distinctive. They’ve tried tirelessly to define their indie pop-inspired style but instead have arrived at a conclusion that their soaring hooks and inventive melodies simply could not be confined to the limits of one genre and then went surfing. 

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