‘It’s Not That Bad’ follows on from the Sydney born and Adelaide bred siblings acid-tongued debut single Stir the Pot.  Support and critical acclaim followed, with a full addition to triple j, over 400 spins on US College radio, airplay on BBC1 Radio, and coverage in global titles such as Atwood Magazine, Brooklyn Vegan, Slumber Magazine and more. A punchy, puckish arrival for the pair, it was an indelible first taste of the symbiosis Caroline & Claude have been building since birth.

Caroline & Claude – were, in a sense, born into music. Performance was part of their lives from a young age, whether in the form of the jam sessions they’d have with their extended family, or putting on shows for their parents, Wayne and Jules. But their musical lineage goes even further than that: Caroline & Claude’s grandparents are singers, and used to sing in jazz cafes in their native India. In other words, the fruit that comes to bear in Caroline and Claude’s music grows from a perfect push-pull between nature and nurture: the result of innate musical genes given space to grow and create with impunity.

In mid-2020, forced into pandemic-induced isolation together, Caroline & Claude started to make music, and soon realised they’d stumbled upon something special. To properly understand their music, it’s important to rid your mind of comparisons with other sibling duos, the fact of their genetically-perfected harmonies and baroque songcraft aside. In truth, Caroline & Claude are diametric opposites, the former a classic extrovert and the latter a total introvert. Where Caroline spends her days chasing the kind of emotional connection and social interaction that fuels her art -which, aside from songwriting, also encompasses poetry – Claude is a quintessential studio rat, content to spend his time finessing and perfecting his production techniques. The result is a harmony that’s unique and entirely theirs, and not unlike the one conjured when they sing together. It’s Caroline & Claude’s own kind of magic: introvert wit and extrovert emotionality intertwining to create witty, bombastic tales for a new generation of pop fans.

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