Carla Wehbe

You’ve never met an artist quite as exhilaratingly odd as Carla Wehbe. An unconventional uniqueness of vision that has become the hallmark of the likes of David Bowie, Freddy Mercury and Harry Styles to name a few. Oddness is a quest for a singular vision, even if that vision seems to have beamed in from another universe entirely. And few pursue it quite like Carla.

As an artist that intrinsically feels and experiences things on a deeper level, it’s no surprise Carla’s songs do the same to her listeners. With over 12 million total streams, in addition to countless shows, Carla has supported the likes of Benson Boone, Alec Benjamin, The Chicks, Lime Cordiale, Jaguar Jonze, MAY-A, Illy and Merci, Mercy across the country winning over fans.  It’s without question that her soaring voice and undeniable musicality marks her out as a pop icon in the making. “I love human connection, and wanna invite people into the weirdest corners of my mind, honestly that’s why I make music.”

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