Banjo Lucia

Banjo Lucia is a passionate singer-songwriter, steeped in a deep love for the craft and tradition. Reflecting on her debut EP Peccadilloes, which features  ‘Leaving Again’, recent single ‘Lion Boy’ and impressive debut track ‘That’s Not Loving’, Banjo shares: “Peccadilloes is a collection of songs that detail various intimate facets of my own experience with grief, love and growth.”

Drawing influence from luminaries such as Frank Ocean, Björk and Julia Jacklin, Banjo is one of those artists that don’t come around often. Her songs reveal a wisdom and sophisticated turn of phrase that belie her age, revealing an insight into the human condition that is at once heartbreaking and uplifting. Her ability to turn mundane details into profound familiarity and transport the listener into the centre of her experience as if it was their own, is the mark of a truly gifted writer.

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