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Now 21 years old, the Melbourne based artist is gearing up for his next full length release, which is a departure from his first effort, leaving his melancholic melodies behind and embracing a resounding sense of hopefulness and ambition.

First song from the release, “Fooling Around” is a dizzying spell of synths and saccharine melodies, with textures of electronica layered over a lyrical narrative that sees Gab sing of self-confidence. The song is a call to arms to anyone who has ever felt the need to assert themselves, and the forthcoming record is a further exploration of that theme, with an introspective look into Gab’s own journey of identity. “It’s about me finding my place, and figuring out who I am and what I want to do, and how that functions in the world.”

“A lot of it is, awkward songs about having a crush,” he admits, adding, “a lot of it is also me trying to figure all that stuff out – which is what I love the most about writing songs and why I do it, which is to figure things out.”

The record began to take shape in his apartment in Elsternwick, Victoria and eventually made its way to Atlanta, Georgia where it was completed with the help of Grammy Award Winning Ben Allen (Neon Indian, Cut Copy, Gnarls Barkley, Animal Collective) who mixed and mastered the effort. “It’s the record I’ve always wanted to make up until this point, but I’ve never really felt like I could until now.”