Rising Irish singer/songwriter April (aka April Lawlor) is relatively unknown on Australian shores but that is all about to change. The 21 year old from Kildare in Ireland has just released her debut EP New Conditions to the world – a collection of gorgeous, poetic and gentle love songs that wrap themselves around your heart.

Following a succession of uploaded Garageband demos and covers to her Soundcloud account (we recommend digging in), it’s hard to believe April only released her very first official single ‘The Impossible Task Of Feeling Complete’ on February 20 this year. The track and the young artist caught the immediate attention of BBC Radio 1’s Phil Taggart who spun the track as his ‘Chillest Record in the World’ and Annie Mac who featured April as her ‘Breaking Act’ and The Sunday Times Culture calling it “a remarkable, sit-up-and-listen introduction…musically timeless.”

April followed up the stunning debut with her current single and title track from her forthcoming EP – ’New Conditions’. Thematically, the track sees April delve into the relationship between infatuation and escapism – in her words: ​”’New Conditions’ is a kind of dark love song, it’s about using love as a means of escape from your own problems. When you fill your brain with thoughts about someone else it can stop the other things going on in your mind. It’s about questioning whether you actually are in love or not, or if you’re just pretending to yourself for peace of mind.”